After 30 years of tracking struggling 3rd-6th graders with nearly the same missing learning skills we have identified the root of the problem; lack of foundational learning skills taught in Preschool and Kindergarten curriculum.

What Sets Us Apart

Learning is both a set of skills and behaviors. With proper instruction, children can be prepared for the academic learning environment. 

  • Educate the whole child: Mind, Brain, Body
  • Teach How to Learn before What to Learn
  • Use established researched based techniques to increase memory and reasoning
  • Give time to think and practice
  • Make it Fun!

Classroom / School Training & Site Licensing

EFSAP is available as a versatile and flexible classroom curriculum. We have designed EFSAP to fit any classroom need. Your parents can rest assured knowing their children are attending a top notch school with a research based curriculum to give their child the best learning environment possible. Make your school an EFSAP school today!

Certified Tutor Training

EFSAP Tutor Certification is for tutors and nannies who wish to use the EFSAP Tutor Kit on an ongoing basis with a maximum of 3 children simultaneously. Included is a kit, training and everything you will need to facilitate the EFSAP training. 

Learning Products

Take home and tutor kits to teach foundational skills. Please click learn more to see a description of each.