• One of the ONLY proven programs that prepares children for learning at school. Builds: Memory, Listening Skills, Focus, Concentration, and increases neuro-plasticity. 
  • By focusing on the building blocks of learning, children are able to retain more information by learning how to retain information. 
  • Provides structured instruction for memory development.
  • Trains learning behaviors.
  • Available in teacher to classroom format as well as parent to child format.
  • Can be used world-wide regardless of culture, language, or country.
  • EFSAP programs are currently used to build foundations for pre-school and school aged children. and teens.

What is EFSAP®?

  • A proven philosophy focusing on preparing children for academic learning.
  • A program that has been taught all over the world for over 5 years.
  • A series of curriculums, programs, and products  to develop foundation learning skills for children.
  • Trains children in skills for academic learning and proficiency.

EFSAP® Feedback from Teachers and Parents

  • One of the most exciting benefits to using the EFSAP® program is that our students understood the math concepts of vertical and horizontal and diagonal, and curves. They were able to precisely verbalize how to form letters. As they learned to write their letters, their handwriting showed more control than we had seen in previous years.Using the EFSAP® program, we saw our students time on task and attention to detail increase. Reading fluency increased as well as recall of specific details within reading passages.Using the EFSAP® program in our third grade classroom, the average auditory digit span increased by at least three digits.Using the EFSAP® program has helped our students with spelling. After using the EFSAP® program, our students spelling scores increased by 25%.Using the arrows exercise helps our students focus and stay on task. They ASK to do arrows exercise. Organization skills are better, too.  Janet G. Franks, NBCT - Special Education Teacher Exceptional Needs Specialist Lakeside Public Schools, AR
  • As a result of using EFSAP® exercises in two primary grade inclusion classes, students increased their auditory sequencing from 3 to 7 with a class average of 95% accuracy. As a result of this, teachers noted that the ability of students to focus and maintain time on task improved.Handwriting skills showed an increase, as well as listening skills.  Debbie McCollum, Teacher's Assistant.
  • I have been working with your program since you introduced it to our area and I am amazed and delighted with it and what it is doing to broaden language, promote sequencing, extend focus, and promote curiosity in my grandson. He was a very picky eater before we began. He now looks at new foods and says, "Hmmm, this looks interesting." He then goes on to guess what it might taste like before eating it. He tells us all about its color and texture and whether he finds it tasty or not. We don t hear comments about not wanting to eat it or being too full to eat. Being able to talk him through drawing with words of direction will make it easier for him to form his letters and numbers with correct strokes and keep his writing fluid. Brian's Back has been wonderful! We use it at the dinner table, when reading books, and when I give him instructions, as well. He loves FE! When we first began he would duplicate my movements but not necessarily the colors. Now he is excited to play with FE, and is proud to know what to do next in the sequencing. He is still working towards three on concentration, but doing better with one second per color.Sometimes I hear him saying, "Hmmm, I wonder what FE would do if he saw this when he is playing by himself?" Thank You EFSAP®! Jackie, Grandmother - Dover, TN
  • I don't have enough wonderful things to say about your program and all the creativity that is packed into one box. There is no way to use the program and not improve your child s memory and reasoning. It helped me interact more effectively with my daughter. I can tell improvements in her fine motor skills. You put breaks in the right spots for little attention spans - but the activities are so fun that you don t really lose their attention that often. She made leaps and bounds of progress in understanding concepts such as her directions, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, etc. Mainly - using so many techniques and parts of the brain to learn concepts really helped her learn quickly and make connections. Being able to see, touch, hear and use her little body to move while learning is an amazing way to quickly commit to memory what she is learning.Using her all her senses really helps the learning process - and with the hands on activities, supplies, music and movement - it is a very interactive program. Thank you again, Christina C. - parent
  • By utilizing EFSAP® exercises in my kindergarten classroom, my students began to process information at a much more rapid pace. It was at first, subtle, but now it is evident what a huge difference it made for my students. Sarah Orr, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Your program is wonderful and your methodology is unprecedented!  Susan Snee, MA ED 

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Renie Smith, Founder

Renie is CEO and founder of Meadowbrook Educational Services, Inc. She has worked with underachieving children and adults for over 30 years in USA, Singapore, India, Bahamas, Malaysia, and South Africa. She has been a presenter on "Learning Disabilities and "The Importance of Foundational Skills" at IDEAS and OPAEYC Conferences. She is a Master Trainer Specialist in Foundational Skills and has taught throughout the USA, Singapore, and UK; she has volunteered time at schools, summer reading, writing, and math Camps and received Volunteer Parent of the Year award as well as Nomination for Golden Good Neighbors Award.

"Each day that a child learns nothing new is a wasted day. Teach children the joy of discovery, the joy of creating, the joy of connecting, everyday."

Dorothy Bennett, MA ED CI

Dorothy is passionate about teaching children and students how to learn. She has training in several programs and holds a Master's in Education specializing in Curriculum Design and Instruction. For the past 15 years Dorothy has specialized in specific program design for children and adults who are missing learning skills. Dorothy is both co-developer and co-trainer for the EFSAP program. She trains parents, tutors, teachers, and faculty members in MES designed programs, and provides testing services for individuals and school districts. The EFSAP curriculum was co-written from her extensive knowledge and experience working with a broad range of young clients.