EFSAP® Pre-School Kit

Every day something is not learned is a lost day -Renie Smith

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Teach How to Learn before What to Learn

EFSAP® (Establishing Foundational Skills for Academic Proficiency) is designed to teach the skills for academic learning to young children and students of all ages. The EFSAP® program has been used all over the world since 2008, with success and is now available to purchase in Kit form for families. EFSAP® is one of the few programs that teaches children How to learn, before What to learn. 

The goal of this learning product is to help parents, tutors, and nannies, prepare children ages 3-5 for traditional schooling so that they can achieve as expected in their academic studies.

This is about you being confident you have taught the actual foundations for learning to your children. Skills that are so basic, they are not often taught in public school. When skills are missing children become frustrated, anxious, and confused. Following this program gives your children the tools to be able to listen, follow directions, and express themselves appropriately.

We shaped the curriculum to enhance learning skills through short & fun exercises that make learning feel like play.

Each concept is taught and demonstrated by you, then practiced by your children before reinforcement in an activity. The brain learns all together in a dance of synergy, using activities that involve the senses transfers skills from "the classroom" into real life. 

In a Nutshell

School Readiness

  • Listening Skills
  • Reasoning Skills
  • Memory Skills

Life Readiness

  • Conversation Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Tool Skills (pencils, scissors)

Included in Kit

  • Full Curriculum
  • Templates & Supplies for 1 child
  • Specialized Music

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Benefits of using the EFSAP® Pre-school Kit

  • Flexible curriculum means you can break up the lesson into smaller chunks if your day is busy or your children are still learning how to pay attention.
  • Scripts are included for your confidence in training your children. You will know exactly what to say and when to say it. The scripts teach you how to positively reinforce their efforts. 
  • Short Lesson Time each lesson takes a little over one hour to complete and averages 12 exercises for visual memory, auditory memory, dexterity, large and small body movement, music, and rhythms. 
  • 3 Levels  the first level is concrete and shape based, exploring self, body & environment. In the second level the difference between shapes and letters is explored, includes social engagement activities. In the third level we focus on how to write letters, numbers, and learn discrimination by color, pattern, and size - more details in the product description below.
           Suggested Retail Price $575.00
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This easy to follow manual has been carefully developed to guide tutors and parents through a successful teaching experience. All 15 lessons are outlined and provide pre-lesson preparation instructions. Each subject has an EFSAP® character reference for you and your child to remember.

All lessons include a subject/time table to provide a consistent flow for maximum retention. Subjects can be re-taught for areas that require additional instruction. There are also a variety of visual aids to assist in the presentation of each subject. Prior to each subject is a supply/material list to help with lesson preparation. We’ve thought of everything.

The only additional items required to successfully complete the EFSAP® program are daily snacks and a CD player. The rest is outlined in your step-by-step manual. If you are unsure of a particular lesson, don’t worry, check our FAQ section on this website for answers to many of your questions.

If the answer is not there, we’re just a phone call away. The EFSAP® staff is ready to answer any questions you might have. We want your experience to be fun and educational.

Supplies for Extra Child

Replenish Kit Consumables

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