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EFSAP® Preschool Kit

Proactive Parents, Tutors, and Nannies use this Kit to prepare children for traditional school.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know your children are entering school with the basic understanding of how to listen, follow directions, complete tasks, and correct their work? Are you looking for a program that is step-by-step? A program you could hand to the nanny or tutor of your young children and know they could complete the lessons?

EFSAP® Memory Expansion Program 

Proactive Parents, Tutors, and Professionals use this program to expand sequential and working memory. Ages 5+

Why use an interactive physical program when there are memory programs all over online? Memory programs for adults are fine; however, for children interaction is the best.

Learning at school requires listening to a person. A computer is not a person.Learning at school requires communication. A computer does not communicate like a person, it has no energy change, no emotion, and no intelligence. It’s a program.

Learning at school requires paying attention to what another person (the teacher) is important. The teacher is not there to entertain, most computer programs entertain.

EFSAP® Printing Made Easy Program 

Proactive Parents, Tutors, and Professionals use this program to teach printing. Ages 4+

When children are expected to learn how  to print, even their own names with out first understanding how to correctly create letters they often resort to drawing. This can result in unsure letter formations, left / right confusions,  overwriting and lots of erasures. A waste of time, leading to frustrated students. 

Want your children or students to enjoy writing? Printing Made Easy is an easily useable  complete printing curriculum.​

EFSAP® Memory Deck

For Everyone to expand and maintain Memory. Includes social engagement!

Working with memory, ever get tired of all the electronics? Want something small enough to slip into a purse or that doesn't take up a suitcase when you travel? How about something inexpensive? 

  • The only multiple use memory and game card deck for families & teachers! Ages 3 through adults.
  • Families: No batteries, Travel size, & you can use it on yourself! Play games and work on memory in one deck!
  • Teachers: use for teaching concepts, games used for teaching social interaction and sportsmanship.
  • Use as a school readiness checklist!