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1 Site License

1 TLP Provider Training

EFSAP Certified Professional Online Training

1 Set of Teacher Supplies

Advertising Rights

Marketing Materials

Unlimited Support

Video Library Access

Site Licensing: both trains  you and site licenses your facility to use EFSAP® materials. After licensing you may use EFSAP® promotional materials to broaden the services available for  your students. As long as you keep one EFSAP® trained professional on staff, you maintain good standing. Many times staff will take training in a program and then move on to different positions in a different school system or company. By insuring an owner or administrator also takes the training, the site may retain its license. Licenses are renewed yearly.  Questions? or 509-443-1737

EFSAP Certified Professional  training allows staff in a facility to use the EFSAP curriculum with their classes. This training is per instructor.

Online Training

Our online training includes access to a video library which covers the EFSAP® program from start to finish as well as instruction on integration into your current classroom environment. 

Interactive Onsite Training

We send one of our EFSAP® experts to provide an intensive  and interactive 5 day onsite training. 

Implementation Training

We send an EFSAP® expert to your location to instruct EFSAP® lessons with your pupils. 

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"By utilizing EFSAP® exercises in my kindergarten classroom, my students began to process information at a much more rapid pace. It was at first, subtle, but now it is evident what a huge difference it made for my students."  Sarah Orr, Kindergarten Teacher