EFSAP® Memory Deck

Fun Games to Train Brains!

A compact deck of cards with tons of possibilities for memory, learning, socialization, and just plain fun!

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EFSAP Memory Deck

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Teach How to Learn before What to Learn

EFSAP® (Establishing Foundational Skills for Academic Proficiency) is designed to teach the skills for academic learning to young children and students of all ages. The EFSAP® program has been used all over the world since 2008, with success and is now available to purchase in Kit form for families. EFSAP® is one of the few programs that teaches children How to learn, before What to learn. 

The goal of this memory deck is to help parents, and tutors and other professionals increase the sequential memory, social skills, basic kindergarten knowledge, and working memory in their children, students, and clients through less structured games and exercises (than in the EFSAP® Memory Expansion Program).

What makes the EFSAP® Memory Deck different? There are so many uses!! You can practice memory, use it as a school readiness checklist, or play games.

Memory doesn't happen in isolation. This program supports the synergy of systems. When having fun together, and creatively using the games - you increase memory and retention!

What you get! so much value for so little cost!

  • 30-card memory deck. 3 suits numbered 0-9. Each card (1-9)  has 4 unique pieces of information and nine total pieces of information per card (excepting zero). Train your memory with over 110 pieces of unique information!
  • Games, Games, Games!!!  Games for all ages! Interaction is key and this can be used with grandchildren and grandparents!
  • Basic Identification the cards are composed of simple icons, letters, numbers, characters, and shapes - so convenient to practice recall,  prepare little ones for school, or keep older mind's engaged.
  • Advanced Identification the cards also contain: words for body parts, emotions, environment descriptions, and colors with shades and tints.
  • Social skills practice:  the games reinforce turn-taking and basic social behavior through play.
  • Online Instruction Guides  lots of extra and detailed instructions and games, including  how you can check your children's knowledge for Kindergarten!

EFSAP Memory Deck

Suggested Retail $16.50
   Discount available from
 Rainbow Resource Center ->  

How you can use this awesome memory deck

  • Types of Memory: Place, Name, Number, Letter, Icon, Shape, Sequential & Working Memory!
  • May be used as a school readiness checklist..
  • May be used to enhance and build early learning skills: comparisons, sorting, recognition of same and different, placement, beginning vocabulary.
  • Use to check recognition of 3-dimensional shapes and their 2-dimensional counterparts.
  • Use to check recognition of solid colored icons seen on signs.
  • Beginning readers: can they recognize the words for the body parts (yellow cards).
  • Use to check recognition of placement. (top, middle, bottom)
  • Play traditional games like “Go Fish” and “Old Maid”
  • Play new creative & social games 
  • Creative story & memory games

This convenient memory deck can be used by and for anyone!

Are you a teacher, an O.T. or an early learning specialist looking for a product you can recommend for home use that fits everyone's budget?  This travel friendly, non-electronic, interactive memory deck is the answer!

EFSAP Memory Deck

Suggested Retail $16.50
   Discount available from
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