EFSAP® Memory Expansion Program

Memory: a Key in Education, a Key for Life.

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Teach How to Learn before What to Learn

EFSAP® (Establishing Foundational Skills for Academic Proficiency) is designed to teach the skills for academic learning to young children and students of all ages. The EFSAP® program has been used all over the world since 2008, with success and is now available to purchase in Kit form for families. EFSAP® is one of the few programs that teaches children How to learn, before What to learn. 

The goal of this learning product is to help parents, and tutors and other professionals increase the sequential and working memory in their children, students, and clients. 

What makes the EFSAP® Memory Expansion Program different? You are an important part of the program. It is your interaction with your children or students that will pull them through the difficult process of expanding memory. By your interaction you are helping them build reasoning and logical thinking skills.

Intensive Workout: This program will take some time and many of the exercises may be difficult. This program is useful in training attention, focus, concentration, and recall for all types of learners. If you are serious about training your children or student's memory system for academic recall- this program is your answer.

Memory doesn't happen in isolation. This program supports the synergy of systems. Learn how body relaxation, awareness, and grounding opens the  'window for learning.' 

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Benefits of using this program.

  • Extensive Guidebook. Nearly the first half of the program shares the terminology, the research, and suggestions for goal setting, behavior shaping, exercise progression, and exactly how you can use the program successfully.
  • More than Memory memory is dynamic -when we are anxious, tense, or confused our memory system chokes up. Exercises included help students stay in "the window for learning."
  • Nuances of Neuroscience:  specific eye movements can help you remember anything!  Help your students become aware of how their body works and watch their ability to recall increase.
  • Scripts are included for your confidence in training your students. You will know exactly what to say and when to say it. The scripts teach you how to positively reinforce their efforts. 
  • In-depth Video tutorials for nearly every exercise! You can watch exactly what to do - see some common problems and know how to fix them!
  • Completely Reusable the entire program may be reused - perfect for tutors!

This comprehensive memory program can be used by and for anyone!

In your occupational therapy practice - are you searching for an affordable option for your clients to use at home? If you want them using an interactive program this is a great one.

Suggested Retail $85.00

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