EFSAP® Printing Made Easy

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.  - Isaac Asimov

EFSAP® Printing Made Easy!
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Teach How to Learn before What to Learn

EFSAP® (Establishing Foundational Skills for Academic Proficiency) is designed to teach the skills for academic learning to young children and students of all ages. The EFSAP® program has been used all over the world since 2008, with success and is now available to purchase in Kit form for families. EFSAP® is one of the few programs that teaches our children How to learn, before What to learn. 

The goal of this product is to give  children confidence in their ability to correctly print and write letters and numbers for school.

This is about you knowing you have taught the actual pre-writing foundations to your children. Skills that are so basic, they are not often taught in public school. When skills are missing, especially writing skills, children become frustrated, anxious, and confused. Following this program gives your children the ability to efficiently control and use their pencils, pens, crayons, and scissors, for school assignments, projects, and homework.

Now including  Writesize® writing pencils for children!

Made to scale for children's hands, Better control = Better Grip.  Write Size pencils have been developed to lesson the strain on a child's hand by making the flow or writing easier as they provide a better grip, better control and most importantly are made to the scale of children's hands.

In a Nutshell

School Readiness

  • Pre-writing & Printing Skills
  • Hand Coordination Skills
  • Eye-Hand Coordination Skills

Life Readiness

  • Memory Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Tool Skills

Included in Kit

  • Full Curriculum
  • Templates & Supplies for 1 child
  • Instructor Supplies

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        Review by Jodi Galland and Missica Pullen


This program is dedicated to Alexa, Clayton, Jonathan, Michael, and hundreds of other students who had to stop and think about how to form each letter and number as they tried to express their thoughts. Their struggles form the basis of this program.

When students have firm foundations they write without confusions, frustrations, anger, nausea, shame, shut-down, and the fear of failure.

Benefits of using EFSAP® Printing Made Easy

  • Confidence!  When your children complete this curriculum they confidently form their letters. Children who are unsure how to produce what is asked, avoid the activity of writing. Frustration leads to disengagement and eventual shutdown.
  • Scripts are included for your confidence in training your children. You will know exactly what to say and when to say it. The scripts teach you how to positively reinforce their efforts. 
  • Short Lesson Time each lesson takes a little over 15 minutes and may be extended as desired.
  • 3 Levels: level one covers pre-writing foundations; level two teaches directions, physical movements, and precise control;  level three focuses on fine motor control and symbol formations for letters and numbers. 
  • Additional Product Description
  • What comes in the box

  1. Workbook
  2. Manual

  3. White Board

  4. Dry-erase marker

  5. Alphabet strip (double sided)

  6. Number strip

  7. Arrow Charts (2)
  8. Paper to crumple
  9. half-long pencils (2)
  10. the Box to keep it in
EFSAP® Printing Made Easy!
Suggested Retail $71.99
   Discount available from
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